About us

Germany Ruilaishi Door and Window Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 1999, is a company specializing in the manufacture of alumina door lock window locks. It is located in PengxiTown,Taishun County , Wenzhou City. The factorycovers an area of 20 acres and a building area of more than 10,000 square meters. lt is a manufacturer integrating R&D,forging, fine,fine carving,polishing and oxidation. After more than 20 years of hard work, it has accumulated richexperience in the design and manufacture of door and window hardware accessories. And has its own R & D center,according to customer needs and requirements to cooperate with customers to successfully develop a variety ofaluminum profles. High-quality hardware products,energy-saving and environmentally friendly humanized design,exquisite appearance,deeply trusted and respected by the majority of customers, the company has sales serviceagencies throughout the country, covering all provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government andexported to Europe,America,Southeast Asia and Middle East countries. The company has always served with thepurpose of "Achievement Sharing”for long-term cooperation. Please pay attention to our Relais,Bao Lijian. We arecontinually working on it